Is it possible to truly know a potential employee?

Hiring the wrong individual can not only put you and your employees at risk, but it could also majorly impact your overall business. With the growing rise of hackers and imposters, every organization must conduct identity screening checks prior to every new hire.

What are Identity Checks?

Identity checks are a process of screening candidates to confirm or verify their identity. Screening providers do this by conducting various kinds of searches by using identity documents, biometric verification, digital footprints, out of band authentication, etc.

Why ID Verification?

As much as we’d like to believe the claims people make and trust them, it is not possible in today’s day and age. There are many reasons to conduct identity checks, like:

  • To reduce organizational risks and illegal activities
  • To avoid the fines that come with non-compliance
  • To prevent fraud and money-laundering
  • To protect your existing employees from unsavory individuals
  • To build trust among employees

How are Identify Checks carried out?

EMPS verifies candidates by:

  • Gathering their personal data and relevant information
  • Authenticating the data and verifying it
  • Assessing ownership and confirming the identity of the individual
  • Additional data extracted based on need of the business

Identity Check

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