What are DVLA Checks?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA Checks are crucial background screening checks for those individuals that are set to be employed in a role that involves driving on behalf of the organization.

What do you need to get DVLA check code?

For DVLA checks, the following information is necessary to be submitted by the candidate:

  • The driving license number and postcode
  • The National Insurance numbers

What shows up on a DVLA check?

  • License validity
  • License expiry date
  • Driving entitlements
  • Personal details and photos
  • Any disqualifications
  • Types of vehicles driven
  • Any offenses or penalties
  • CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)
  • Digital Tachograph card details

Why is DVLA Screening important?

Hiring an individual without running a DVLA check on them and giving them the responsibility of driving for or on behalf of your business could not only affect your business, but your employees and clients as well.
By failing to follow the appropriate procedures for the DVLA check, a driver who is unstable or hazardous will be hired, endangering not only the business but even themselves. Moreover, the company could face significant fines or lawsuits if they’re involved in an accident, and it is revealed that they were driving as part of their job.

DVLA Check

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