A Basic DBS check is a criminal background investigation that can be performed for anyone, including employment. The Basic DBS certificate will include information concerning convictions and conditional warnings that are allegedly still unresolved. 

Basic DBS checks are performed to assist businesses in identifying potential hires who may have recent, unspent convictions that are relevant to the position they are looking for. Independent contractors may also complete a DBS online application to help them build trust with potential clients or customers, particularly if their line of work entails house visits. 


You can obtain a Basic DBS Check for a candidate regardless of the job because there are no prerequisites. A Basic Disclosure might provide you with peace of mind and further assurance in the candidates you’re recruiting if you have personnel who aren’t qualified for Standard or Enhanced DBS Checks. 


You’ll need the following document in order to apply for a basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check: 

  • National Insurance number  
  • Passport 
  • Driving Licence 
  • Last 5 years address history and the dates lived there 

Turnaround time 

Most inspections are completed within a day. However, the DBS recommends a 14-day sla for basic inspections. 

Basic DBS

Please enter details of the individual to be screened along with your payment details.

Checks included in Basic DBS 

Unspent Convictions 

  • Any criminal conviction that you still need to complete the rehabilitation procedure for (which is predetermined based on the nature of the offence) or that will remain on your criminal record is referred to as an unspent conviction.  
  • Any conviction that entails a violent or sexual offence or carries a sentence of more than two and a half years in jail is an illustration of this. 

Not sure if you should go for a Basic DBS? 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re unsure of the sort of DBS check you need so we can lead you in the direction of the appropriate online application. 

Why choose EMPS? 

  • For organisations that require basic background check for their employees or future employees, EMPS offers a Basic Disclosures service. 
  • In order to secure workplace safety and to safeguard their organisation from potential internal threats, several employers are seeking various levels of DBS checks, particularly Basic DBS Disclosures, as a result of increased compliance. Additionally, it facilitates a seamless hiring procedure. Anyone is qualified, and the process is straightforward. 
  • Our user-friendly portal walks you through each stage of the application process and offers helpful direction and practical advice along the way. 
  • Our Platform will not only guarantee that you request the proper kind of Basic Check depending on the applicant’s residence and/or place of employment, but it will also guarantee that the applicant’s identification credentials meet the standards of the relevant regulatory body.